Born in Santiago de Chile in 1941

1960's      Journalism Diploma, School of Journalism in Budapest, Diploma. 

        Trainee press-photographer at the Cultural Department

        of the Hungarian News Agency.

Over the next few years Mari underwent a rigorous apprenticeship in photograph with some of the greats in Hungarian photojournalism including Endre Friedman and Gábor Pálfai.

1973       PCL  BA Degree in Photographic Arts, PCL. Under Derek Drage, Gus Wylie,  prof. Margaret         Harker and Victor Burgin.

1980s     LECTURER, Royal College of Art, Glasgow School of Art,Nabier University Edinburgh


1981      GLA (Greater London Arts Association)

1989      FOX TALBOT AWARD National Museum of Photography, Film & TV, Great Britain

1995      Best Exhibition of the Festival Award, Photosynkyria, Thessaloniki, Greece

2000       Best Exhibition of the Month of Photography. Budapest, Hungary

Her first solo exhibition took place at the Photographers' Gallery in London starting a long term association with the gallery which continues till today. Mari Mahr has also had long term professional connection with Zelda Cheatle who exhibited her work in her gallery and represented her for over 10 years.


1980's    Serpentine Gallery in 1980 Solo Show       

       British Council retrospective took Mahr back to her native Santiago de Chile, as well as        Argentina, Hungary, Spain and Greece.


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