1985   MFA, Master of Fine Arts • Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 

1981   BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts • University of Georgia, Athens, GA 


2015    Threshold, Sandler Hudson Gallery • Atlanta, GA Pam Longobardi: Drifters, Hand Art        Center, Stetson University • Deland, FL 

2014     What Once Was Lost Must Now Be Found: Chronicling Crimes Against Nature,        Hudgens Center for Art • Duluth, GA.             

       Prairie/Threshold, Creon Gallery • NYC Selections from the Drifters Project Archive,        Westminster Gallery • Atlanta, GA

2013     Endless, Sandler Hudson Gallery • Atlanta, GA. (November) Endless: Ocean of        Plastic/Drifters Project Phase 3, Ionion Center for Art and Culture • Kefalonia, Greece.

2012     Drifters Project Kefalonia: Giant Sea Cave Excavation, Ionion Center for Art and Culture •        Kefalonia, Greece. (July)

2011     One World Ocean, Ionion Center for Art and Culture • Metaxata, Kefalonia, Greece. 

2010     Sappho’s Mirrors, Primo Piano LivingGallery • Lecce, Italy (March) Material Drift,

       Sandler Hudson Gallery • Atlanta, GA. ( May-July)

2009     Panthalassa, ARTLIFE Gallery Contemporary Art • Venice, Italy (September)

2008     Plastic Durations, NY Arts Beijing, Chaoyang District • Beijing, China. (during the 2008 Olympics)   Drifters, Tinney Contemporary, Nashville • TN. (October)

       Drifters, Charlotte and Philip Hanes Gallery, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem •        NC. (September)


2016    Sideshow on Mars, Life on Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Jan Voyage of the Beagle, Radiator        Gallery, Long Island City, NY, Mar 18-April 17 Messages from the Sea, Goulandris        Museum of Natural History • Athens, Greece, May 2015 – May 2016

2015    SPRAWL: Drawing Outside the Lines, High Museum of Art • Atlanta, GA, 

      July 18 – Oct 4 

      GYRE: The Plastic Ocean, CDC David J. Sencer Museum, Centers for Disease Control •       Atlanta, GA. Jan – June 

      GYRE:The Plastic Ocean, Fisher Museum, University of Southern California • Los Angeles,       CA. Aug – Nov 

      Fertile City/Riddle of the Sphinx, Thebes Art Project Film Festival • Thebes, Greece, Oct 

      Second Nature, James Gallery • Pittsburg, PA Nature Revealed, 

      Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport • Atlanta, GA, Oct- Feb 2016 

2014   State of the Art, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art • Bentonville, AR Shifting       Ecologies, The Painting Center • New York, NY. Curated by Marianne van Lent. Catalog.       Feral Objects, Creon Gallery • New York, NY. Curated by Peggy Cyphers and Lucio       Pozzi. 

      GYRE: The Plastic Ocean, Anchorage Museum • Anchorage, Alaska and travelling.       Curated by Julie Decker. 

2013    Seescape, George Adams Gallery • New York, NY. Curated by Edward Boyer. Oltre il       Paesaggio Mistico, Island of St. Francis of the Desert, Collateral Event of 55th Venice       Biennale, curated by Simonetta Gorreri, ARTLIFE for the World, • Venice, Italy. Sponsored       by Venice Cultural Association (MiBAC), Ministry of Culture, Rome. 

      Hudgens Prize Finalist Exhibition, Hudgens Center for the Arts • Duluth, GA.


       Endless: Ocean of Plastic/Drifters Project Phase 3, Ionion Center for Art and Culture •       Kefalonia, Greece. Discontinuity Continuum: Paintings by Pam Longobardi and Craig       Dongoski, Tinney Contemporary • Nashville, TN (Feb) 

2012    Packet-Soup, Savvy Contemporary • Berlin, Germany. Curated by Claudia Lamas Cornejo 

2011    Oceanomania, Nouveau Museé National de Monaco • Montecarlo, Monaco. Curated by       Mark Dion, Sarina Basta and Cristiano Raimondi (April-Nov) Voyage on an Uncanny Sea,       Gallery Diet • Miami. (Feb.) Curated by Mark Dion. Flows to Bay, Museum of Monterey •       Monterey, California. Curated by Lisa Coscino. 

2010   PAI 2010, Samothrace and Alexandroupolis, Greece,UNESCO Permanent collection       Municipality of Samothrace Metaphysical Materiality, Tinney Contemporary • Nashville,       TN. With Carol Prusa, Margery Amder, P.Bellan-Gillen 

      Contemporary Feminine Mythologies, Primo Piano LivingGallery • Lecce, Italy Cadavre       Equis, Primo Piano LivingGallery • Lecce, Italy 

2009   Green Light II, curated by Loie Lassiter, Bank of America Plaza • Charlotte, NC. Staying Alive,      Metaphor Contemporary Art • Brooklyn, NY Slow News, Broadthinking Curatorial, Mark’s      Garage Art Center • Honolulu, HI. Found Object, Brenau University • Gainesville, GA. With      Loren Schwerd, Donna Mintz. 

2008   Selections from the Imagery Estate Winery Permanent Collection, Carnegie Art Museum,      Pittsburg, PA. 

2007    POOL Art Fair/Ocean View at Miami Basel Art Fair, Cavalier Hotel • Miami, FL. POOL Art       Fair/Art Attack, Chelsea Hotel, Chelsea Hotel • NY, NY.

2006    Birdspace, Tucson Art Museum • Tucson, AZ. (Jan-Mar.) Curated by David Rubin 


2016 Focus Fellowship Residency, AIR Serenbe, CoEstirere Fellowship, awarded to an artist whose work explores human population growth and its effect on wildlife Special Mention for Plastic Free Island, Cinemare International Ocean Film Festival• Kiel, Germany 2015 Finalist, Best Short Documentary and Best Emerging Director, BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit, Oceanographic Museum • Monte Carlo, Monaco Proclamation, awarded by City of Atlanta, Plastic Reduction Day Atlanta, in perpetuity March 27 for organizing The Plastic GYRE symposium: Artists, Scientists, and Activists Respond. Sponsored by Councilman Kwanza Hall 2014 Distinguished University Professor, Georgia State University • Atlanta, GA. Five year endowed title. 2013 The Hudgens Prize, awarded by curators Doryun Chong, M+HongKong, Toby Kamps, Menil Collection and Heather Pesanti, The Contemporary, Austin GYRE Expedition participant, Anchorage Museum and Alaska Sea Life Center, me 14-person art-science expedition along remote Alaskan coast researching and removing ocean plastic, sponsored by NEA, Rauschenberg Foundation, National Geographic Films Public Art commission, Raffles Hotel Group London, for new 5-star hotel in Istanbul, Turkey. 2012 Permanent installation commission, Marine Science Center, University of New England, • Biddeford, ME Artist Residency Fellowship, Ionion Center for Arts and Culture • Kefalonia, Greece. Commission for sculptural installation, Atlanta Beltline, City of Atlanta Art Program • Atlanta, Georgia. 2011 Commission, travel and installation support, Nouveau Musee National de Monaco • Montecarlo, Monaco. Artist Residency Fellowship, Ionion Center for Arts and Culture • Kefalonia, Greece. CENCIA Center for Project Grant, College of Arts and Sciences, GSU 2010 Coastal Hero, selected by Coastal Living Magazine, Time Magazines Inc. February, p. 43 Travel and residency fellowship for creation of work, EPOFE Concept/ UNESCO • Samothrace, Greece. Public Art Commission, Surdna Foundation, Governors School for the Arts and City of Greenville Parks Department, Reedy River • Greenville, SC. 2009 Artist in Residence, Bau Institute, New York/Italy • Otranto, Italy. 2008 Artist in Residence, NY Arts Beijing • Beijing, China. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE present Distinguished University Professor, Georgia State University • Atlanta, Georgia, 2014-present Professor of Art, Georgia State University • Atlanta, Georgia. 1997-present Associate Professor of Art, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 1987-1997 AUTHORED PUBLICATIONS 2014 “Plastic as Shadow: The Toxicity of Objects in the Anthropocene,” chapter in Framing the Ocean, 1700 to the Present: Envisioning the Sea As Social Space, Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.UK, pp. 181-191 “Wilderness and Invasion: Plastic Place-markers of the Anthropocene,” chapter in GYRE: The Plastic Ocean, Booth Clibborn Editions, UK and Anchorage Museum, pp. 102-3, 109, 172-183 2010 Drifters: Plastics Pollution, Personhood, with essays by R. Broglio, P. Longobardi, D. Sacquenga, Carl Safina. Published by Edizione Charta, (Milan, NY) 96 pp., 64 color illustrations. SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF REVIEWS AND CITATIONS 2015 Jeffery, Celina, “Artists Curate the Expedition,” The Artist As Curator, Intellect Books, Univ of Chicago, p.181 Valentine, Ben, ‘One Artist’s Quest to Turn Beach Plastic Into Art’, HYPERALLERGIC, Aug 26