• 1953 Born, Derby UK
  • 1979-82 Winchester School of Art - BA in Fine Art Painting (1st class)
  • 1982 South West Arts Project Award, Residency in Norway
  • 1983-86 Royal College of Art - MA in Painting
  • 1986-88 British School at Rome Painting Scholarship
  • 1988-89 Cheltenham School of Art Painting Fellowship
  • 1992, 2003 & 2006  British Council Award
  • 2011 Arts Council England Award


2019   Solo show, Boécho Gallery, London

2018   Terra Firma, Boécho Gallery, London

2018   Noir Sur Blanc, Boécho Gallery, London

2011   Armonia. Two person show. John Lancaster and Paolo Mayol. Scuderie Aldobrandini Museo, Frascati, Rome

2011 ‘  Figuring Light 2: colour, shifting boundaries’ group show includes Barrie Cook, Oliver Barrett, Ruth Sumner, John  Lancaster, Creative Hinckley Gallery, Leicestershire

2007 '  Decor Art', Farnham Maltings, Surrey, Hampshire

2007   ‘Island of Treasures 2’, Two person show. Richard Attenborough Centre, Leicester University

2007   What do you think you are looking at, Two person show. Space 4 gallery, Peterborough museum

2007   ‘Island of Treasures 1’, Cultural Exchanges Arts programme, Shree Arts Centre, Leicester

2006   Recent works. John Lancaster and Ian Kirkwood Depot gallery, Sydney, Span gallery Melbourne, Australia.

2005   Hidden geormetry + Wave in motion, Fletcher Gallery, De Montford University - SOLO SHOW

2003   ‘Sacred Interiors 1997 – 2003’, APT Gallery, London (SOLO SHOW)

2003   ‘Made in England’, Four British Artists, Maronie Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

2001   ‘Sacred Interiors’ Dynamic Silence, Trinity House Gallery, Leicester (SOLO SHOW)

2000   Cheltenham Drawing Exhibition. Pittville Gallery and Kunsthalle, Sierre, Switzerland

2000   ‘Sacred Interiors’,(part two), Krefelder Kunstverein, Germany (SOLO SHOW)

1999   ‘Interiors’, Beatrice Royal Contemporary Gallery

1998   Beatrice Royal Contemporary Gallery, Hampshire

1999   ‘Sacred Interiors’ (part one), Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery (SOLO SHOW)

1997   ‘Histories’, Bonleiu Centre de Cultur, Annecy, France

1997   ‘Cheltenham fellows’, Cheltenham Museum & Art Gallery

1996   ‘Italian Connections’, Vicarage Gallery, Newcastle

1995   ‘Affinities’, Kunstlerhaus Gottingen, Germany
 • Pittville Gallery, Cheltenham:Islington Arts Factory, London

1995    ‘Beyond the Surface’, Brewery Arts, Cirencester

1995    ‘Heaven and Earth’, Axiom Arts Centre, Cheltenham (SOLO SHOW)

1995    ‘Wild Places’, Corinium Museum, Cirencester

1995    Axiom Artists and Associates, Axiom Art Centre, Cheltenham

1995    ‘Artists at Work’, De Montfort University Exhibition Centre, Leicester

1995    ‘Beyond the Surface’ BREWERY ARTS, Cirencester (SOLO SHOW)

1994    ‘Beyond the Surface’ International Arts Festival, Melbu, Norway (SOLO SHOW)

1993    Artists in Residence Show, Axiom Art Gallery, Cheltenham

1993    Drawing Open, Malvern Art Gallery

1992    South West Open, Plymouth Museum & Art Gallery

1990    ‘Rome Scholars 1980-90’, Gulbenkian Gallery, London

1990    Vestlandets Kunstakademi, Bergen, Norway (SOLO SHOW)

1989    Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London (SOLO SHOW) 

1988    Artisti dell’academia Britannica, Rome

1987    Mostra ‘97, British School, Rome

1986    John Lancaster & Dennis De Caires, Winchester Gallery

1985    Riverside Open, Riverside Gallery, London

1982    Stowell’s Trophy, Royal Academy, London

1981    Northern Young Contemporaries, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester

1980    Robert Colquoun Memorial, 369 Gallery, Edinburgh

The grandeur of architecture and the beauty of nature.......My development as a painter has taken two distinct directions. The first reflects the importance of location and architecture that help to provide both structure and form in the compositions. From 1988 to 2003 I took on a number of relatively short residencies (4 – 6 weeks) that enabled me to explore a number of Iconic sites in Europe and Asia. The Moorish Palaces of the Alhambra and the Alcazar in Spanish Andalucia, the ‘Dry’ Zen gardens and Temples of Kyoto, Baroque churches and Renaissance villas of Rome, and in India the Royal Palaces of Rajasthan and the Medieval Cathedrals of England. 

The second phase from 2003 focused on the abstract qualities of composition, with the pictorial questions being generated from within the paintings rather than from external sources. This work looks to Nature in its fundamental form and my fascination with geometry, symmetry, beauty, dynamic energy, harmonies and colour to guide my experimentation.